friends who knit

… give the best baby gifts! This post is long overdue, but take a look at this handknitted babyloot:

First, Diana sent me this adorable little HEMP sweater – check out the ample shoulder opening with the sweet orange buttons:



It fits her, and the season perfectly!

Next I recieved a soft, cushy blanket from Kathy. Both of my kids love this blanket, actually and now so does Vince!

blanket and kitty
3 week old Vince is “kneading” the cushiness.

I got these sweet baby shoes from Melissa – they fit perfectly and they don’t get kicked off!


This next picture has a confusing perspective but it has everything in it including Grace and her 3 week old kitten Vince


Thanks so much! I love them all!



  1. grumperina said

    I’m not sure what’s cuter – babeh Milly under the blankie, or babeh Vince kneading the blankie. In either case, I hope they’re enjoying it!!!

  2. diana said

    Argh! Cute overload! Glad you like the sweater 🙂

  3. mel said

    That you named that cute little kitten Vince is hi-larious! He is so cute, especially as attached as he seems to be Milly. Too much cuteness!

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