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Old blogs, a crochet tip

I found this bit from 10/03, about the granny square coat from Candytots. I do not like turning Granny squares (which is sometimes necessary if not switching colors) because I detest the way double crochet looks in the back. I posted this to my old, old knitting/crochet blog about it: 

 well i’ve been working on the “Spice Girl Coat” in Candytots. it is also featured in the 10/03 issue of Crochet Fantasy magazine. the directions in the magazine (which is easier to carry around than a book) are wrong – they say to ch 4, slst to make a loop then 2dc into loop – where’s the ch3? luckily there is a chart which is correct. the second bummer is that the pattern (which for those unfamiliar with it is a coat made up of 2-1/2″ granny squares) calls for the square to be turned between the 2 rounds.    

this was unsatisfactory to me since dc has a definite right and wrong side, so 1/2 the square shows the unsightly squiggled side. 

my new and improved square:

rnd 1: ch 4 slst to join, ch4, (3dc into ring, ch1) 3 times. 2dc into ring, sl st to 3rd chain of 4ch.

rnd 2: slst into ch1 space at top of ch4. ch3 (i chain 2 since my chains are longish) 2dc into space, ch2, 3dc into same space, ch1 (3dc into next ch1 space, ch2 3dc into same space, ch1) 3 times more, slst to top of ch3 space finish off.

there! no turning! why didn’t the designer think of that?      


 This is probably not new to anyone else, but it was new to me!    This brings me to something I have been avoiding. There are a couple of links to the right to my old blog on Those links don’t work, and the reason is that everything related to my old knitting blog – which I kept from Summer 2004 until Spring of 2007 – has been permanently deleted.  There was a problem with our server over the summer, and Adam had a premonition that there might be trouble down the road so he backed up everything. He asked me if I still use the blog, and I said no, that I had moved on to wordpress but was keeping the old blog as archive with the commenting turned off. He misunderstood me and so therefore did not back it up. Subsequently the company we were using DID up and disappear and we found a new host and only then did I discover that my blog was the only thing not backed up. Imagine that almost 4 years of your blog disappeared? It was only important to me, maybe no one else will miss it but I do! The only thing I can do is check out the web archives and copy-paste the text of the entries into a new blog, which I have already set up ( loops archive) as soon as I get some time to. I think Adam should have to do it! I am currently knitting a top down cardigan for Zella out of this lovely new Noro yarn Taiyo – I love this yarn! It has the wonderful color gradations of Kureyon but the softness of cotton.  
taiyo from my stash     
  I also ordered a few skeins of Matsuri  (also new from Noro) to make a similar sweater for Milly. is keeping me very busy, as I keep finding new projects to add to my queue! Just trying to make this post, I realize how unhappy I am with wordpress. I can’t get the text to separate from the picture above, and html tags show up as text. I miss my old blog, even with all the 3000+ spam comments a month. I also find this blog IMPOSSIBLE to customize. I am still on the hunt for a better host for this blog.


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A quick crochet update

Milly is peacefully napping (rare these days) so I can quickly add some finished objects.Here is a freeform “helmet” I made for my friend’s one year old daughter (I haven’t gifted it yet but I know she doesn’t see the blog):

I used Silk Garden 87, bits and bobs from a cardigan project I started back in ’05. Unfortunately my old blog is totally gone (the server up and closed and I hadn’t backed up) so evidence of that cardigan online is lost. Milly has a pretty huge noggin so the hat fits her (her head is more like the average 1 year old!)

For this I just started at the top in hdc,working the first 4 rows as rounds and then switching to spiral. My joins never look right for some reason and the join area always bulges out though the stitches are all in the right place. Then I went back and forth once across the back to make it longer and then back and forth on 2 ear flaps. I just tried it on Milly as I went.

Next is the Roselette Top from Chez Plum. I started it in Silk Garden Lite (to get the 6 month size) but it was much too small so I redid it in worsted weight, shade 211:

I have not yet blocked it but I wanted Milly to wear it today as I browse the yarn shop sales. It seems I naver have a finished object to show for all the shopping I do and it would be nice to be in a yarn store with someone in the party actually wearing something made by me. Here is another picture of the sweater, with bonus VINCE

That’s all for now, I have an awful lot more I want to knit and crochet this year – if you are on Ravelry, my username is joydisaster.

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