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A sweater! Almost a(n) FO….

Look at this, a nearly completed crocheted sweater with Silk Garden Sock yarn. Something isn’t quite right though:


It’s the yellow solid wool trim. It has to go.

I was trying to edge it to help it lie flat but more importantly to add some button loops. I think the yellow looks terrible but I don’t have enough of the main yarn to add any more edging. What to do? Add ties? Ribbons? Just squish small buttons in the spaces between the double crochet stitches as a sort of afterthought button hole? Either way I am going to snip away that trim right now.

I am moving in a few weeks so I just packed up most of my yarn. Oh, and I just found out that Fabric Place is going out of business! What next?


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Some WIPs and a FO

Remember the the Stria blanket problem? Well I finished it, I made a ripple instead.


The Stria is very very soft and cuddly but I fear I will not be using it again. It sheds while being worked and when I had to rip out the Hagrid hat I made before I set Zella up on the arm of the couch to frog while I wound the balls and she was sneezing up a storm. Also, I ran out of the orange with one row left to go, and I considered leaving it but Debbie at Black Sheep in Needham sent me plenty of orange from her stash so the row is complete. As usual, I made it too big so it really isn’t a good blanket for a newborn but it is the perfect size for Zella and since I still feel bad about not making her anything before she was born, it is all hers!


Notice that sad little green floral pillow? Doesn’t really go with my orange couch and certainly doesn’t go with the orange couch and bright pink ottomans so I got some Kureyon 209 and started a simple square pillow, excuse the bizarre perspective but here it is in progress with the ottoman in the foreground (Grace looks embarrassed at this point):


I was feeling OK about this simple, rustic HDC square until I saw this pillow pattern at and suddenly I felt ashamed. Imagine the Kureyon in the round starburst shape? Or the spiral?

So now I must tear out the 3 skeins I put into the sad pillow attempt. I will get Zella to do it.

Finally, since I am still needing to knit some kind of baby item (though there is also a very soft baby hat from Blue Sky’s organic cotton in there, almost done but also too big) I found this great color of K1C2’s Ty Dy (574) so I am making a really (truly!) small blanket for a newborn (easy, mindless knitting while I watch Doctor Who):


That’s all! No baby yet, due date was 3 days ago but I expect there’s another week at least left to go. Sigh.

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