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A sweater! Almost a(n) FO….

Look at this, a nearly completed crocheted sweater with Silk Garden Sock yarn. Something isn’t quite right though:


It’s the yellow solid wool trim. It has to go.

I was trying to edge it to help it lie flat but more importantly to add some button loops. I think the yellow looks terrible but I don’t have enough of the main yarn to add any more edging. What to do? Add ties? Ribbons? Just squish small buttons in the spaces between the double crochet stitches as a sort of afterthought button hole? Either way I am going to snip away that trim right now.

I am moving in a few weeks so I just packed up most of my yarn. Oh, and I just found out that Fabric Place is going out of business! What next?


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A quick crochet update

Milly is peacefully napping (rare these days) so I can quickly add some finished objects.Here is a freeform “helmet” I made for my friend’s one year old daughter (I haven’t gifted it yet but I know she doesn’t see the blog):

I used Silk Garden 87, bits and bobs from a cardigan project I started back in ’05. Unfortunately my old blog is totally gone (the server up and closed and I hadn’t backed up) so evidence of that cardigan online is lost. Milly has a pretty huge noggin so the hat fits her (her head is more like the average 1 year old!)

For this I just started at the top in hdc,working the first 4 rows as rounds and then switching to spiral. My joins never look right for some reason and the join area always bulges out though the stitches are all in the right place. Then I went back and forth once across the back to make it longer and then back and forth on 2 ear flaps. I just tried it on Milly as I went.

Next is the Roselette Top from Chez Plum. I started it in Silk Garden Lite (to get the 6 month size) but it was much too small so I redid it in worsted weight, shade 211:

I have not yet blocked it but I wanted Milly to wear it today as I browse the yarn shop sales. It seems I naver have a finished object to show for all the shopping I do and it would be nice to be in a yarn store with someone in the party actually wearing something made by me. Here is another picture of the sweater, with bonus VINCE

That’s all for now, I have an awful lot more I want to knit and crochet this year – if you are on Ravelry, my username is joydisaster.

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The most I can manage right now

Not much knitting these days! Milly is now 8 weeks old, Zella is as precocious as ever and absolutely no knitting has been done. It doesn’t help that my knitting bag and all of my tools are still packed, but mostly I am just too busy holding a chubby baby. When I was pregnant with Zella I queried all the experienced moms I could find, “will I be able to knit after the baby comes?” they all said yes – THEY LIED!! I did not have a chance to make a single thing until Zella was 18 months old. Likewise with this baby. I have a new sewing machine, but a much needed sewing project lies half cut out and abandoned on the kitchen table.


Guilt got the better of me last night: Thursday Zella bought a monkey from the dollar area of Target (she has her own money, I could not discourage her!) and later that night while we were eating with my dad she noticed its neck was a little open at the seams. Since I have always had a problem separating inanimate objects from animate ones, I could not let her exchange Monkey for a new one since I felt bad for it. I promised her I could sew it up as good as new then as soon as we got home I promptly became too busy to do so. Yesterday morning she woke up and ran out bright eyed from bed, hopeful to see the new improved Monkey only to find it with its neck guts still hanging out. I felt terrible. She has shown absolutely no jealousy for her new sister but at this rate it seems inevitable. Last night I woke up at 4am and sewed the monkey’s tracheotomy closed, then crocheted this little messenger bag for him/her:

I grabbed the nearest non-wool yarn, which was Debbie Bliss’ Cathay (1/2 cotton, some microfiber, some silk) and a lousy crochet hook I found lying around (my good ones, the Clover Soft Touch, are all packed in that knitting bag somewhere) and set to work. Lovely yarn! A little splitty with a too-small crochet hook but overall worth it. I had to sew it together with sewing thread and the chain strap is unfortunately tied on – all the requisite cro-bar features are there. I knew I’d find a use for that duck button eventually.

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