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A sweater! Almost a(n) FO….

Look at this, a nearly completed crocheted sweater with Silk Garden Sock yarn. Something isn’t quite right though:


It’s the yellow solid wool trim. It has to go.

I was trying to edge it to help it lie flat but more importantly to add some button loops. I think the yellow looks terrible but I don’t have enough of the main yarn to add any more edging. What to do? Add ties? Ribbons? Just squish small buttons in the spaces between the double crochet stitches as a sort of afterthought button hole? Either way I am going to snip away that trim right now.

I am moving in a few weeks so I just packed up most of my yarn. Oh, and I just found out that Fabric Place is going out of business! What next?


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A quick crochet update

Milly is peacefully napping (rare these days) so I can quickly add some finished objects.Here is a freeform “helmet” I made for my friend’s one year old daughter (I haven’t gifted it yet but I know she doesn’t see the blog):

I used Silk Garden 87, bits and bobs from a cardigan project I started back in ’05. Unfortunately my old blog is totally gone (the server up and closed and I hadn’t backed up) so evidence of that cardigan online is lost. Milly has a pretty huge noggin so the hat fits her (her head is more like the average 1 year old!)

For this I just started at the top in hdc,working the first 4 rows as rounds and then switching to spiral. My joins never look right for some reason and the join area always bulges out though the stitches are all in the right place. Then I went back and forth once across the back to make it longer and then back and forth on 2 ear flaps. I just tried it on Milly as I went.

Next is the Roselette Top from Chez Plum. I started it in Silk Garden Lite (to get the 6 month size) but it was much too small so I redid it in worsted weight, shade 211:

I have not yet blocked it but I wanted Milly to wear it today as I browse the yarn shop sales. It seems I naver have a finished object to show for all the shopping I do and it would be nice to be in a yarn store with someone in the party actually wearing something made by me. Here is another picture of the sweater, with bonus VINCE

That’s all for now, I have an awful lot more I want to knit and crochet this year – if you are on Ravelry, my username is joydisaster.

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Little Coriolis socks

acoriolis closeup

These are Milly’s chubby feet encased in a pair of Little Coriolis learning socks from Cat Bordhi’s newest book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I made several mistakes (on the first sock, shown on right) and on the second, a modification. They have a picot frou-frou top to hide the disaster that was left when I had to unweave and unpick the bind off. While the length and width of the foot are ok (room to grow in the toes, which is fine) the ankle and cuff area are simply too tight for a fat baby leg. On the second sock, I increased 3 stitches after the completion of the heel, working one into the top of the instep swirl. I also bound off looser than could possibly ever look presentable so the crochet was hiding something on both sides.

I made them in Silk Garden lite, with size 4 needles. I had made the Little Sky sock first, but I wasn’t crazy about the shape of the instep so I am focusing more on toe-up socks. I like the book and hopefully I can make some “full sized” socks soon as I am up to my ears in sock yarn around here. My New Years resolution was to become a better sock knitter, and knit more socks for Zella who can not tolerate socks with a seam in them (ie all store bought socks). The foot shapes are a little odd (blocking might help) but the techniques are very interesting. I find toe-up construction so helpful because I generally buy just one skein for Zella’s socks, and I can weigh the halves as I am winding the ball and divide it evenly.


one more, for its own sake.

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