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Little Coriolis socks

acoriolis closeup

These are Milly’s chubby feet encased in a pair of Little Coriolis learning socks from Cat Bordhi’s newest book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I made several mistakes (on the first sock, shown on right) and on the second, a modification. They have a picot frou-frou top to hide the disaster that was left when I had to unweave and unpick the bind off. While the length and width of the foot are ok (room to grow in the toes, which is fine) the ankle and cuff area are simply too tight for a fat baby leg. On the second sock, I increased 3 stitches after the completion of the heel, working one into the top of the instep swirl. I also bound off looser than could possibly ever look presentable so the crochet was hiding something on both sides.

I made them in Silk Garden lite, with size 4 needles. I had made the Little Sky sock first, but I wasn’t crazy about the shape of the instep so I am focusing more on toe-up socks. I like the book and hopefully I can make some “full sized” socks soon as I am up to my ears in sock yarn around here. My New Years resolution was to become a better sock knitter, and knit more socks for Zella who can not tolerate socks with a seam in them (ie all store bought socks). The foot shapes are a little odd (blocking might help) but the techniques are very interesting. I find toe-up construction so helpful because I generally buy just one skein for Zella’s socks, and I can weigh the halves as I am winding the ball and divide it evenly.


one more, for its own sake.


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holiday stuff

I finished these with 5 days to spare! here are four stockings, a little oversized, each took about 1 and a half skeins of Kureyon. I started to use a pattern I bought on eBay but it was so loaded with mstakes and typos I basically had to wing it. Hence a couple of the heels have “ears” but they blocked out a little. I started to embroider names on with Lurex Shimmer but I started to want to run away – I will add the names next year maybe. We know them apart by color anyhow.

kureyon socks close-up

From front to back (right to left): 209 for Milly, 182 for Zella, 170 for Adam and 188 for me.

Here they are in a room with Evie:


I hope everyone had great holidays!

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