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holiday stuff

I finished these with 5 days to spare! here are four stockings, a little oversized, each took about 1 and a half skeins of Kureyon. I started to use a pattern I bought on eBay but it was so loaded with mstakes and typos I basically had to wing it. Hence a couple of the heels have “ears” but they blocked out a little. I started to embroider names on with Lurex Shimmer but I started to want to run away – I will add the names next year maybe. We know them apart by color anyhow.

kureyon socks close-up

From front to back (right to left): 209 for Milly, 182 for Zella, 170 for Adam and 188 for me.

Here they are in a room with Evie:


I hope everyone had great holidays!


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yes, it’s malabrigo :^)

Just when I thought it was safe to let my internet connection lapse! Knitted baby gifts!


Milly in her lovely baby surprise sweater lying on her omfg it’s malabrigo blanket! These were knitted by Betsy and hugely appreciated by me! I can’t get my family off of the merino, just look at these babies:

babies malabrigo

And these kitties:

evie & vince on the blanket

And so that Zella didn’t feel left out, she is now the posessor of Spiny Norma:


Handknit by Omar and as I understand it, her face was needle-felted by Betsy. She loves SN! Uh oh, watch as Spiny Norma ursurps the baby’s role at every turn – I see a travelling photo subject, yes? You know when someone takes a picture of a character in different places?

OK, a few notes about my blog. I just got internet service again (besides the sporadic service I was freeloading off of my neighbor) and I promise actual self-knitted knitting content very, very soon! I have joined Ravelry and believe it or not, I have been knitting up a storm! Thanks, Boppy :^)

One more thing – I found my old blog (accidentally deleted by Adam but he says he can bring it back again when he “gets a minute”) easy to customize but I can’t seem to work wordpress at all. Can anyone help me with my blog? I can’t even put my patternreview widget in the sidebar. Give me two more days to finish this massive project and I shall return to post it it all of its four-part glory.

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